BUZZIN' 12: Jack Trainer

Being in an established band for so long can often leave solo artist with the dilemma of do they continue what the fans love or head off in a new direction. In some cases it can go incredibly wrong ala Beady Eye who seem to be still drinking from the pool of the Beatles back catalogue with diminishing returns with each new song and in other cases it goes off in a different direction like Kele and Bloc Party.

Jack Trainer was the bassist in Manchester rock band Carjack Mallone who made massive waves in Manchester being one of the few unsigned acts to play in cavernous venues such as Academy 2 and The Ritz. Yet you wouldn't know of his history from his solo work. Ditching the guitars this is an altogether more classic pop sound taking everything in everything from Aha through to The Bravery and on to modern ambient pop like Owl City. Its a strange place to head in and one that seems at odd with his listed influences such as Belle & Sebastian and The National, but one that works simply for the fact its so unexpected and also because every one of the 5 songs released so far are a masterclass in pop writing.

What makes Trainer different than just another synth pop act is the lyrics, as listening to them you can imagine the lyrics being sung by Michael Stipe or Roddy Woomble rather than the usual simplistic lyrics associated with the genre. There's a personal touch to the lyrics, but universal themes of friendship, love and loss that everybody can relate to.

Jack Trainer is Manchester's next natural progression from the pop sound of Hurts and our own answer to Bright Light Bright Light

Catch him live at Dry bar Live on Feb 3rd and check out the singles "American Friend" and "Let Me Guide The Way"

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