BUZZIN' 29: Tiger Love

Ok, its not gone quite as viral as F*ck You by Cee Lo Green just yet, but with over 100,000 views on youtube "Pussy Cocaine" by London based New Yorkers Tiger Love is certain to breakthrough despite it's title.

Sounding like the Scissor Sister when they were Filthy / Gorgeous rather than not feeling like dancing or fighting fire with fire. It's sleezy electro pop with hints of MGMT at their poppiest as well as Fischerspooner, Chromeo and the aforementioned Scissor Sisters.

Formed by brothers Roy and Gigi, and underage drummer Lora last year the band are set to breakthrough in 2011 with support slots with Uffie and Yelle coming up in London and Brighton as well as Sweden getting on board early.

And it's not all about that song... check out "Y.O.U.T.H Club" and "Under Control" for more bangers

Designer Magazine thinks Tiger Love could me MASSIVE, just don't let Tom Jones near "Pussy Cocaine" - you know how he likes to be down with the kids with his Sex Bomb ditties

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