BUZZIN' 31: Oh My

Remember when Tatu came out and they caused a creator sized impact - well rewind a bit and imagine Tatu had some songs to back them up and were actually cool as f*ck!!!

Thats Oh My! all over. The sort of girls who would be too cool for Skins, are definitely Sugababes the early days rather then Sugababes Eurovision reject / shit scouser model and have been described by others as more Banarama than The Saturdays

For some reason we had in our head that Oh My! were heavy drinkers from Finland who'd somehow managed to find mentor Example at some wild clubnight. Its turns out they're actually nice girls from down South (well Milton Keynes and Leicester) who met Example in their studio and was so impressed he started writing songs for them.

In the old pop tradition they're currently on a schools tour of the UK - younger readers this was how pop bands broke in the old days rather than having to sing for Dannii Minogue on X Factor - and arepicking up loads of teenage fans who want to be them

"Run This Town" signify's great things to come and if they can have an album worth of anthems like this - expect massive things

Anyway, watch the vid below for some parrot pop


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