BUZZIN 33': Paradise Point

So we first heard about Paradise Point when TeenToday we're using their boyband gaydar to see which new bands fit into the tried and test model of at least one member must be a gayer - it turns out that none of Paradise Point are gays, but they make some damn fine music!!!

We're still waiting for more info and music off their management but here's what we know:

* Their first gig was Steve Strange's "Neo-Romantics" which is what you'd expect form the king of the New Romantics - Simon Price tried to reinvent Nu-Romantics as Romo in the 90s with Orlando and Sexus -which way will this go?

* In New Romantic terms Paradise Point are Duran Duran Juniors

* Which is probably jarring to the parents as bassist Roman Kemp is son of Spandua Ballets Martin Kemp

* Which means they deliver glamour and elegance and sing songs about girls while the worlds going to shit

* Adam, the guitarist, looks straight out of the Chesney / Jody Hawkes school of blonde surfer boy

* On youtube the band have done covers of Jessie J's "Price Tag" (better than the original with handclaps and fake dollars) and Rhianna and Katy Perry - all must see vids

* Their own songs are the best 80s songs that aren't 80s songs since Phixx's "Hold On Me" - watch an intro vid here -

* Like the best bands - the best looking member is at the back of the stage on drums ;)

The band are doing Summer Party In The Party dates with Professor Green, Peter Andre and N Dubz - they piss on all of them

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