As the ringing in my ears still continues on a full 12 hours after the Art Brut & 65DAYSOFSTATIC shindig, the loggin, typing and bloggin are rapidly drawing to an end and I can put away the pink neck tie for another year.

The Canadian showcase (Late Room) opens with Priya Thomas showcasing her CD "You and Me Against The World Baby" A promising opening number that resemble the disturbingly pleasing bashing of Poly Styrene with some frenetic raucous guitars before an am blows and momentum is lost.

Consensus of opinion (5 of us anyway) views that "Whelk Experience" (Teasers) have a great band name, but what is their music like? Well, it's an experience that is rare nowadays. I don't think I've ever seen a sound man so scared that he has to get the bouncers to get the band off stage. The 4 member appear to have a combined age of 15, but they put together a 20 minute experience that is more akin to a Fall type aural assault combined with the stage presence of an Iggy Pop type figure. There are no "stops" or starts or "intros" but they are not needed, and they leave the detritus of discarded mic stands and abandoned guitars to applause before going out for a lie down in the night air.

After beginning in the manner of a modern day Johnny Cash, Luke Douchet, kind of, like, well, drifts into err. Anyway Cities in the Dust (Late Room) blast their way trough a lively set that involves a fair degree of audience participation

Thai Bride (Walkabout) manage to mix tales of domestic violence (Lucille) with a brutal sound track that manages to dislodge glasses that have been secretly overhead stashed by pissed up punters. Literally a smashing performance

The Hot Puppies
(N&D) must be revelling in the fact that they are on the under card for Art Brut, who have packed out/sold out the venue. Their bouncy pop keeps the crowd amused, although their promise of "telling you everything you need to know about love" in a 3 minute ditty, is perhaps going to upset a few musicians who have spent a lifetime tying to do that.

Hidden away in the vault of Dry Bar are 65DAYSOFSTATIC, but the stage `aint big enough to hold all their equipment, so one guitarist is standing in the crowd. Mind you, the venue is not big enough to hold their sonic assault either. Free thought has to be abandoned, just let yourself be taken on a helter skelter ride on white knuckle intensity. It is an intense experience, not for the faint hearted as the ears and body are pounded. Even the bar maid is stood on the bar to get a glimpse of this post apocalyptic pleasure

Art Brut (N&D) must have had one of the easiest tasks over the weekend - that of playing to a crowd who already believe they've seen a great concert before it's started. In fairness though, they are well entertained by a band that feeds on the positive good will. For the crowd, they have the knowledge that it will be the last time they are able to witness this band in such n intimate venue. With their poppy tunes, and an audience that singing back the choruses, Art Brut will shortly be splashed all over

Words & Pictures: Ged Camera


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