Teflon Monkey - Manchester Star & Garter - 14.12.00

In case you haven't heard - Teflon Monkey is this years Badly Drawn Boy. Hailing from South Wales and just signed a single deal with the Super Furry Animals "Placid Casual Records", by the time summer comes you get the feeling that the name on everyone's lips will be Teflon & Monkey. Like BDB before him he looks set to annoy and delight the audiences in equal measure.

Swapping between electric and acoustic guitars throughout the night and a whole host of styles. While some may adore his eclectic and often experimental workouts, essentially the type of material that would work wonders for John Peel and the lo-fi underground, I felt it detracted from the more song based material. "Keep The Light On" is just pure class and simply leaves most of tonight's set redundant. A Welsh language song also sticks out as one of the highlights and is reminiscent of his fellow country men.

While it would be safe to say traditional  folk music is a huge influence it was nice to see a touch of early James, Alfie and even Billy Bragg making up the musical melange. At this very lo-fi gig, with an audience mainly made up of family and friends, it was hard to judge the genius of the monkey boy. His EP's feature a variety of instrumentation and give us that fuller sound that we've come to expect in the year 2001.

If he gets a backing band, Teflon Monkey could just be this years undiscovered hero.

Alex McCann