28 Days - Manchester MDH - 11.12.00

While they may be a relatively unknown quantity here in Blighty, in their native Australia they are out selling teen superstars Britney & Christina and the whole of host of teen pop acts. It's a fact that highlights just how far we are behind in terms of chart recognition for our bands. Go to any host of countries the world over - Japan, Spain, Australia, America - and you'll find top punk bands hitting number 1. What the fuck do we get in ours? Bob the Builder and the useless twat from Big Brother. Tonight in one building we get an almost mini festival of punky guitar talent. Upstairs are the punky popsters Dum Dum's, while in the larger venue we've got 28 Days supporting legendary punks Sick Of It All.

Playing what I'm reliably informed is a restrained exercise in deck control. You see, 28 days want to reach as many people as possible and the more traditional elements Sick Of It All's fanbase would collapse in shock horror at a DJ. After a fairly straightforward punk number to start with the band launch into a scratching assault on "Information Overload" with Jay half rapping / half spitting the words out. Following it with a song for "all those angry guys that are pissed off over nothing" - for all the musical intensity its good to see a band that has a healthy sense of humour.

"Sucker" and "Kid Indestructible" due to their familiarity are sensational highlights. With former Aussie number 1 "Rip It Up" set to make their name over here. Lyrically the influence is pure 80's hip hop with lines like "Everybody rip it up, yo check this style. Go go go go" but don't mistake it for any flimsy Limp Bizkit version of hip hop. The guitars are heavy and with a true understanding of hip hop it ensures it doesn't just become a pale imitation of both genres.

Personally, I'd have liked to see them do their own headlining show so you can check the DJ at work. Tonight though, it was punk rock all the way with surely the loudest band I've ever witnessed.

Alex McCann