65 Days Of Static - Manchester Music Box - 10/2/5

"This band is unstoppable" intones the intro loop in a deep, sombre voice, the 3 guitarists standing upright, static, calmness personified, belying the fury and intensity that is about to be unleashed. Set opener "Retreat, Retreat" kicks in with the force of a jet engine at take-off. Guitar strings are being ripped, drums thrashed and the blitzkrieg commences.

Free thought is obliterated as the physical force from the speakers propel you against the walls of the Music Box, and when it finished, a deathly silence falls around the crowd, seconds passing before the impact is appreciated and the cheers of approval go up.

Having been based in Sheffield, they were involved in a music night called "Dustpunk", a rabid, eclectic collection of music from any genre that can combine nagging chords, rampant beats, all allied to a threatening undercurrent of musical violence.  As an introduction to the uninitiated of  what this apparently realises, the bass and drums pound like a hammer though the synapses, touching parts that other music can't reach.

Paul Wolinski (guitar & laptops) typifies the all action movement of the band; you've seen the Matrix where Keanu ducks and dives to avoid the bullets, well this is replicated live on stage, only I'd swear that Wolinski is faster.  Arms are merely blurs, knees drops impressive, and the drum beats resemble a reciprocating engine, neither ceasing or slowing throughout
their unrelenting task

It's an aural version of S&M; at times it hurts, but you want more, you want it to go on

There are other more delicate selections in their repertoire that highlight a lighter tough to their ability e.g. "AOD", but tonight it's a brutal onslaught to test what you are made of, if your palate is strong enough to endure the beautiful intensity

Words & Photos: Ged Camera - www.camera1.free-online.co.uk

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