Aerosmith - Just Push Play

During the mid 1970s Aerosmith led such a life of unashamed debauchery that even Ozzy Osbourne would have been shocked at their hedonistic antics. The Aerosmith of today are reformed characters, total abstanors from the wicked rock'n'roll lifestyle of yore. Their latest album "Just Push Play" features the hit single "Jaded" and will no doubt sell millions and spawn a few more hit singles with the obligatory saucy video usually featuring Steve Tylers very own daughter Liv.

His lyrics may be simplistic and a little cliched but what were you expecting - this is after all Aerosmith, balls out rock  music played at full volume. If you want sensitively written words musing over the meaning of life then listen to Leonard Cohen instead. Produced by The Boneyard Boys "Just Push Play" is exactly what the fans want to hear. "Trip Happin'" is a typical Aerosmith rockin' and shockin' number. The big band arrangement is a neat touch and the chorus is addictive. This would be an excellent follow up to "Jaded" and played live would sound absolutely awesome. A slightly funkier proposition is "Under My Skin" and is on a par with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers tinged with a bluesy, atmospheric edge. "Blow me a little kiss, know a little bliss" Steve Tyler begs his dusky maiden in the only way he knows how. Although "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is dance orientated and features Joe Perry on lead vocals it still rocks like a bitch on heat and is undisputedly Aerosmith with a Prince influence.

Strings - check. Sweetly sung lyrics - check. Yes its the Aerosmith rawk ballad and like previous attempts is nauseatingly OTT and wetter than a windy weekend in Widnes. Give this ballad "Avant Garden" a miss, I wish I had. When Aerosmith rock no one can touch them for sheer exhilaration. When they go all sloppy with ballads instead of "Just Push Play" I press stop and eject before I reach for the sick bag.

Nicholas Paul Godkin