Andrew WK - The Wolf

Who gives a f*ck if "The Wolf" sounds like a slightly more credible version of Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell". Music this life affirming and celebratory doesn't come along that often and with all the misery and destruction in the world we need people like Andrew WK. People who can raise a smile when you're about to slit your wrists because the daily drudgery of life has got you down and you don't see a way out. How can anyone argue with the first 4 lines on this album "This is why we are Alive. We all live our lives like we are going to die. We are here, we are high. And this is why we love to live our lives". I mean for f*cks sake stop wallowing in your misery, turn of the latest bedsit depressives and listen to the sound of the rock operatics that is Andrew WK.

If people complain that there's no great change from "I Get Wet" then they've totally missed the point. Being Andrew WK is like living the same day over and over again and that one day is one big party. "Long Live The Party" is "Party Hard" regurgitated, spat out and times' by a hundred. Why settle for 1 guitar when you can lay a hundred on there. Backing singers. F*ck that we want a whole choir and if we have one piano we might as well squeeze a few more in the room for good luck. It's everything to excess with WK and why not.

The slower songs, dare we say ballads, are some of the most simplistic statements heard in music today but it works more than any Starsailor or Coldplay song. "Never Let Down" should become part of the official wedding ceremony and all couple's should adhere to it's sentiment otherwise they can take the downmarket version in Vegas where they can hire the services of Daniel Beddingfield for an extra $200 to sings sickly sweet bullshit. "Really In Love" and "The End Of Our Lives" sound like Motorhead fronting queen and are therefore the best songs you'll hear this year bar The Darkness.

"The Wolf" is an essential album for everyone in the country. It would cut down the prozac prescriptions by half and this time victory truly has striked again.

Alex McCann

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