(Pic: Andrew Whyment and ex-Hollyoaks actress / TV presenter Stephanie Waring)
Andrew Whyment
Coronation Street

Andrew Whyment first hit our screens as Darren in the Royle Family and later made his name as hapless Kirk on Coronation Street. Designer Magazine caught up with Andrew prior to the North West Comedy Awards where he was nominated for the Best Comedic Performance in Soap. If it wasn't enough to appear in two of the best programs of the past 40 years then you'll also be pleased to know that Andrew's girlfriend won the unofficial Designer Magazine Award for Sexiest Female at the North West Comedy Awards. Some guys have all the luck.

Q: Corrie's up for so many awards tonight. How does it feel to be the only soap really that has a healthy chunk of humour in there?
A: Saying that Hollyoaks are up for an award as well and I think they'll win the award that i'm up for. Everyone's worked really hard this year, so I think it's kind of nice to have Coronation Street up for quite a lot of awards. We won the National Television Awards on Tuesday so everyone's over the moon.

Q: You've done straight comedy Royle Family, soaps with Corrie and you've got your band as well
A: I'm not with the band anymore. I had to give it all up. I used to enjoy the band, but I enjoy Coronation Street and that's my number one priority.

Q: What do you think of the competition with Hollyoaks tonight?
A: Hollyoaks has got it fans and so has Coronation Street. And the people that like Hollyoaks are big fans. To be honest I don't watch it myself, but it's still on the air innit (laughs)

Q: Do you feel its about time we had a comedy award show up North?
A: Yeah. It's nice to have an award show in Manchester because normally you have to go down to London. And I think this is the first comedy award show in Manchester and i'm gonna enjoy cos I'm not in work tomorrow. I can have a few jars

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