Angus & Julia Stone - Manchester Night & Day - 13.707
On another damp night in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, Brother & Sister duo Angus & Julia Stone had a usually jaded Night & Day crowd out of their seats & dancing with a set of  laid back Alternative Folk Pop that Aussie bands seem to do so well.

Along with their hirsute backing band, Mitch Connelly on Drums & Clay Macdonald on Bass – the siblings played a set of emotive, personal songs with a few cheeky pop cultural references thrown in. Both disgustingly attractive & talented, Angus & Julia play a variety of instruments (Guitar, Trumpet, Keys, and Harmonica) & sing with voices that meld together in that way only siblings could.

Julia’s voice is quirky but strong – mixing the unconventionality of Bjork with the classical style of Tori Amos. Between songs, the obviously shy Angus mumbles quietly into the mic, but he still he’s happy to have a go at playing the Trumpet “for the fourth time ever” on a meaty cover of Chumbawamba’s guilty pleasure hit ‘Tubthumping’.

The strength of the group’s live performance lies not only in their natural musical talent, but in their material which is not only original, but genuinely personal. “Paper Aeroplane”& “Mango Tree” are both stand out tracks & you really get a sense of personality & bittersweet life experience in their music. There’s no testosterone driven guitar band posturing here (& what a welcome change that makes).

If the constant rain is making you feel depressed & you wish you could feel the sun on your face, close your eyes & have a listen to Angus & Julia Stone. It’s cheaper than a plane ticket, but you will be transported.

Words / Photos: Kirsty Umback

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