Pic: Coronation Street's Antony Cotton & Sally Lindsay
Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton first came to our attention playing Alexander Perry in the legendary Queer As Folk series. Following that he wrote and starred in the lost BBC3 Comedy show "Havin It Off", a comedy set in a hairdressers in Eccles. It's his role though as Sean Tully in Coronation Street that's really brought him to the nations heart as the first male factory worker in Underworld. Designer Magazine caught up with Antony at the North West Comedy Awards to discuss how it was growing up watching Corrie as a fan and then starring in it.

Q: You joined Coronation Street a few months back. How was it to join such a highly regarded soap and one that northern actors especially aspire to be cast in?
A: Well I always said if I was ever going to do a soap there would only be one that I wanted to do really, which is Corrie. It just happened at the right time, everything fell into place and it was perfect. I've enjoyed this job as much as I enjoyed Queer As Folk, which is my favourite job. I'm loving every minute of it.

Q: Was it strange joining the soap as a fan?
A: I am a Corrie fan, but i'm lucky because I know a lot of people on it. I know a few of the cast and I know a few of the crew. So I was lucky that I kind of had a bit of a soft entry. It wasn't as nerve wracking as it could have been. Everybody's says it, but the cast are really nice and i'm good mates anyway with Sally Lindsay, Suranne Jones and Bruno Langley.

Q: Have you been working on any scripts at the moment because I know that's been a passion of yours in the past?
A: I've written a 90 minute script which I've put on hold for the moment because i'm just waiting until the time is right and when i've got chance. At the moment all of my efforts and concentration is going to Corrie now.

Q: Are we ever going to see a return of "Having It Off" (a classic lost BBC3 Comedy written by and starring Antony which given the chance on terrestrial TV would have took off)?
A: I'd love to do it again. Who knows, they might dig it out one and play it again on UK Extreme Gardening or whatever they are now. But i'd like em to cos that means I get paid again. We'll see. I'd like to write another comedy so who knows, but my allegiance is with the wonderful ITV at the moment so we'll see about the future.

Words & Pictures: Alex McCann

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