Art Brut - It’s A Bit Complicated

With their debut album ‘Top Of The Pops’, these lofty Londoners came as close to reviving the Jarvis Cocker kick of the brit-pop days, as any band has since those oft talked about golden days. From the outset with ‘Pump Up The Volume’, it is evident that the approach of this second album has only refined their old tack, ever so slightly. The Jamie-T covering Half Man Half Biscuit kick to ‘People In Love’, captures a forlorn ruggedness. The basic formula of a snappy and slightly cheeky chorus that is re-iterated with punchy poise and a cyclical, twining guitar roll is clearly Art Brut’s E = mc2. Eddie Argos gives enthusiasm and a streetwise edge to his vocal parade that is endearing, yet forceful enough for a band of this cut. It a little surprising that this simple, one dimensional song structure survives the collapse into the monotony hole. However, it does this on account of the genuineness and spirit of a band who clearly loves the thrill of the rugged, dialogue driven vocal chase.

 Their ability to capture ordinary life and turn it into an extraordinary experience would cause Shakespeare’s quill to quiver. ‘Blame It on the Trains’, epitomises the urbane poetic approach that is like a censored Pete Doherty, refined for family listening. The lyrical simplicity and basic riffs makes the material instantly appealing and it has already been proven through recent touring, that Art Brut’s reputation as a captivating and endearing live act is booming and, this trend will surely continue on the back of these eleven tracks. ‘Nag Nag Nag Nag’ represents the most ranging and rhythmic that Art Brut get and it gives more life to matters, just as you start to slink into their comfy, laid-back groove. When Chris Chinchilla left the band, there was an inevitable grinding hole that needed filling and in Jasper Future, they have filled it with similar soil and a bit of rhythmic compost to boot. The ground is still fertile for Art Brut to grow and grow upon you.

David Adair

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