Astrid - Derby Victoria - 1.5.01

A lot has happened since we last saw these guys. A new album "Play Dead" has been recorded and released last month and its going off big style in the States. This month they hit out on one of those lengthy British tours which takes in the sort of local towns with local shops for local people. Its perfect for Astrid because they have that instantaneous liability factor that you just don't get with the majority of indie bands. You see, Astrid gigs are more like one big get together rather than any arrogant "band Vs the audience" mentality.

To call them jingly-jangly is simply a case of bad journalism or an easy put down. Forget Travis, Coldplay or any of the countless acts the band have been compared to. Astrid stand head and shoulders above them all and simply write great pop tunes. What's wrong with that? Who complains that an artist painted too well or a footballer played too well. Exactly!!! Nuff said.

With the likes of "Modes Of Transport", "Just One Name" and "Play Dead" amongst the collection you'd be forgiven for thinking you were watching a multi-platinum act rather than just a band at the back room of a pub. If anything the only thing against them is the media and the fashion that dictates it and for that reason alone if they find open arms in the States I'd take them gladly. Its a sorry state of affairs when you get a band bordering on the classic and media don't see it as trendy enough. Maybe its just that the trendy London scene is too far up its own arse. Fuck the media whores and open your ears before its too late

Alex McCann