Azure Glow - Manchester Roadhouse - 5.09.05

Even now when you mention the name Kid Conspiracy it's talked about in hushed tones. They were the band that could and should have made it, but just as the record labels started to catch on you couldn't walk for the plethora of emo bands at the time. It prompted the band to make a re-think and out of the ashes of Kid Conspiracy came a new sound and a new name, Azure Glow.

Their first show, part of Designer Magazine's 6th Birthday celebrations in June, had everything - the tunes, the look, the potential. The one thing they were lacking was the confidence that comes with the experience of knowing your set and pushing the sonics to the limit. This might only be their 2nd gig, but even now Azure Glow are potentially the most perfect rock band this city, nee country, has had in years.

"You'll Hear Me" is a glorious epic ballad which builds up to a crescendo of pounding drums. It's quintessential Azure Glow with the soaring passionate vocals of JP over intricately picked guitar lines and a build up that usually comes after spending a month in an LA studio with the best producers in the world. An untitled instrumental sits somewhere between Incubus and the arpeggios of Johnny Marr sped up to twice their normal speed. And then there's the already classic "Nothing We Can Do" and "Hours Go Faster" that the packed out crowd sing word for word after downloading them on Myspace.

Like all the best bands Azure Glow are more than the sum of their parts. Despite battling with sound problems throughout Azure Glow soldiered on like veterans and if this is only their second show, just imagine how mind-blowing this band will be when they're playing to sold out crowds in a few months time.

Words: Alex McCann
Photos: Karen McBride

The band support Engerica at Manchester Roadhouse on Oct 30th
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