Azure Glow EP Launch - Manchester Roadhouse - 30.10.05

Mancunian four piece Azure Glow take to the stage and deliver the opening track of their CD, "Hours Go Faster".   It has a slow building opening that leads into a crashing, intense finale, a templates that will be repeated throughout the set, much to the appreciation of the crowd who respond politely at the end of each song.  It's a very civilised affair, even to the burning of joss sticks on stage.

Unlike the barrage of currently shouty indie rock, not much rally happens on stage apart from the delivery of the music, not to say that's a bad thing.  There are no angst laden lyrics to be spat out, nor guitar in your face antics a la "Test Icicles".   Instead, the spotlight is firmly focused on "JP", who is the focal point of the band, whether it be with his lengthy dreadlocks held back in an alice band, or the range of his vocals, switching from the angelic to a lung busting below all within the same song.

The not underestimated contributions of Si (bass), Lee (drums) & James (guitar) are to ensure that the platform is available for JP to deliver the final touches, a lighter variation on that offered by Mancunian compatriots Oceansize, but still with the same passion

The gig is akin to a display from "Explosions in the Sky" with the boring bits removed and the essential elements condensed into 4 minutes, even to the point where front man "JP" takes his seat to play an aptly named instrumental tune called, "Instrumental"

Prior to set closer "Hear Me" JP even thanks the audience of being ""Quiet at the right moments"  before the band produce a shuddering in it's bass delivery around the compact Roadhouse

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