BUZZIN' 11: The Beaus

You remember a few years ago when the big PR myth went into hyperbole that the Arctic Monkeys were discovered on myspace. They weren't and just a few years later myspazz is dying on its arse with 50% of the Uk's staff being fired in days.

The art of self-promotion online is far from dead though with most of the bands discovering our Buzzin' column through RT's on Twitter or newsfeeds on facebook. The Beaus were actually a band we hunted out through a couple of twitter posts when we realised despite some great music coming through the likes of the Reverend Sound System we hadn't actually featured a Sheffield band on Buzzin' until now

The Beaus are the sort of band that's been waiting to break out of the UK for years. Liverpool's The Dead 60s are probably the most recent successful example of a band digging deep into the deep reggae strain of the Clash rather than the more straight forward punk elements, while Little Engine and Dirty North have been doing things on a local level here in Manchester. The real voice of young England who deliver a Northern patois over classic influences from The Clash to The Specials and the late 70s / early 80s British Ska scene.

thebeaus - In The Red Corner (Full) by the beaus

In the last 12 months the band have achieved a lot - not just locally at festival such as Tramlines, but also internationally being featured in Warp (Mexico's biggest magazine) - and 2011 will see the band play some of the UKs biggest new band showcases at Liverpool's Sound City and Brighton's Great Escape.

The Beaus could provide a real soundtrack to Britain while the likes of the Vaccines pretend to live the rock & roll dream as their parents sit on £4 million property portfolios (true fact)

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