BUZZIN' 14: Flight Brigade

Once a specialist genre folk music went mainstream in 2010 with the likes of Mumford and Sons and Joanna Newsom both delivering very different, but very well received albums. With the hotly tipped Dry The River touted to break through this year we'd also suggest looking at the sprawling 8 piece folk collective Flight Brigade from Hampshire.

If modern living is a mix of social media interaction above human relationships, kids spending more time on their X Boxes then they do with their parents and tweenagers musical knowledge limited to what has been on X Factor that week - then Flight Brigade hark back to a more wholesome time. The band are made up of a cross section of husbands and wifes, brother and sisters and next door neighbours, the music is really a home-grown affair and as the band themselves are proud to admit their upbringing was "family get-togethers, exceptional home cooking and communal singalongs" and this continues now in their adult life.

Flight Brigade // "A Girl Who Loves Her Smoke & Wine" (The 53 Official Music Video) from Flight Brigade on Vimeo.

Designer Magazine took a look at their "A Girl Who Loves Her Smoke & Wine" video to find out more

* They take lifts off strangers with the sign "A Girl Who Loves Here Smoke & Wine". Luckily the driver wasn't Asian or old Jack Straw would have been releasing a press statement

* That said they're thankful it wasn't old Raoul Moaty come back for a second coming

* Frontman Oliver Baines is not the 5th McGann brother although he looks like he could be

* Every time the band rehearses Oli gets their early so he can welcome them all in with a song

* They like cycling in the country like in Supergrass' "Alright" video - except that none of them look like monkeys

* They play acoustically and electrically in the same song - its like Bob Dylans whole career in 3 minutes

* They sing so much we cant imagine them ever communicating in normal speech

So go listen folks - its enchanting with glorious lush harmonies. If you listened to similar influences ala Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Fairport Convention and James Taylor then prepare to full in love with Flight Brigade

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