BUZZIN' 16: Ulrik Munther

Recently the subject of a Music Industry message board post "Why is the music industry full of deaf, blind wankers?", Ulrik Munther in a just world would have a massive UK hit with "Boys Don't Cry" but only time will tell if the UK messes up ala Donkeyboy and The Ark or finally embraces some Scandinavian pop ala Robyn.

Ulrik Munther came to prominence through Melody Grand Prix Nordic (a kind of Junior Eurovision where 8-15yr olds write their own songs and has previously showcased the likes of Eric Hassle amongst others) with his song "Life". A song older than his years it says a lot when Sweden is embracing songs like this and even in the UK adult Eurovision has recently thrown up the likes of Katie Price and the strange Pete Waterman song "That Sounds Good To Me", which sounded anything but. He'd grown up covering the likes of Oasis and Green Day acoustically and then when on to write his own songs (as well as play most of the instruments on and produce them in his own) many of which will make up the debut album released later this year.

The song which really stands out and has international hit written all over it is "Boys Dont Cry". Think Taylor Hanson covering Jason Mraz for the Bieber generation. Surprisingly despite having every UK label chasing after him earlier this year, they chose to pass in the end leaving him to sign a deal with Universal Music in Sweden at the end of 2010. A unofficial video of the song has since racked up over 100,000 views on youtube with international fans literally begging to buy the track in countries where its only available as illegal downloads.

UK - its time to stand up and be counted

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