BUZZIN' 17: Architect & Heiress / Fake Sensations

How many plays have you got on myspace lately? If you're doing well probably a couple of hundred a day at the moment as genuine users spend less and less time on it

We ask this because Fake Sensations are on Soundcloud and have notched up an impressive 135,000 and growing by the day. Ok, it's not typical of Soundcloud by any stretch of the imagination and the track was sitting there for months before Soundcloud featured it on their frontpage last month, then the ball really started to roll.

Julian by Architect & Heiress by fakesensations

The interest in this track actually grew when Architect and Heiress released a track called "Julian" about Wikileaks Julian Assange. The lo-fi track, all stuttered beats, laid back guitar and topped off with lush strings and vocals that sound not unlike that of St Etienne's Sarah Cracknell. It sounds like something Damon Albarn would do if Gorillaz ever turned political.

The Angry Brigade by Architect & Heiress by fakesensations

Architect & Heiress is a project complete with vocalist Roxanne de Bastio who hails from Berlin. It's a natural progression of what's gone before with a baggy groove. The debut "The Angry Brigade" might to the casual listener be a social commentatory on what's been going on since the banks collapsed and the nation went into melt down. Search a bit deeper though and it asks for a call back to the subjects of it's title, The Angry Brigade, who embarced a series of bombings in the UK between 1970-72. Their targets were conservative MPs, Banks, Embassy's and Miss World Events.

It's flipside "Nothing Like Heaven" is less militant. A more soulful reflection on life itself.

Political Pop that you can dance to. A novel idea and a much needed one

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