BUZZIN' 18: Holy Coves

As a youth I used to have the family holiday every summer at Rhosneigr, Anglesey and it was the sort of place you could get lost in the boredom of. Idyllic but ultimately something that nothing ever happened in. The nearest to an incident we came was accidentally walking onto the RAF Base that Prince William will now call home for the next few years at. Holy Coves hail from the next town to this, Holyhead, which you imagine is slightly less provincial being the gateway to Dublin and the Irish Sea, yet you can never imagine a band forming from there until now.

A quick gander at their myspace reveals that 2 members used to be in The Lizzies, a band who made small ripples across the country a couple of years back after being taken on by ex-Stone Roses manager Gareth Evans (whether this is a good thing or not is up to you), but let's put that to the past as Holy Coves are a much more exciting proposition.

Like the town they come from offers a gateway to the world, Holy Coves music takes from what many would see as leftfield influences such as the drony rock of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Can and melds it with the epic-shoegazy sounds of a contemporary band like Exit Calm making something more commercial in the process. Lyrically its pure Ashcroft motivational speeches and that's the thing that set's them apart from their influences. These are the sort of lyrics, simplistic though they are, that are crying to be shouted out by a mass audience.

"Droner" does what it says on the tin and sounds like what would happen if Richard Ashcroft had joined Primal Scream around their "Rocks" bluesy rock period. "Come Alive" adds a Glam touch and sounds a little like Gem Archer's pre-Oasis band Heavy Stereo, while "What's Happened To You Has Happened To Me" is a "All You Good Good People" for the noughties.

With an extensive tour around the North (and the obligatory London gig) in February expect the band to makes waves regionally.

Grab a free download of their track "Lets Go" here

01 Let's Go by Holy Coves  

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