BUZZIN' 19: Scumbag Philosopher

A few years back we tipped a band called The Otters at the industry conference In The City. Naturally they were playing a fringe gig, not only were they a band that were made up of a 50 odd year old singer backed by a 17yr old 3 piece punk band, they were so anti-corporate they didn't stand a hope in hell of the major labels cosying up to them.

The Otters were who we immediately thought of when Scumbag Philosopher's (previously known as F*ck Dress) new single of the same name came through the post last week.

Yes, that's right it came through the post. That's a rarity in itself where CDs are fast becoming the new vinyl / cassette as a touch from the old school, but it's a refreshing change not to be offered a digital waterproofed copy from a major label. Secondly it features the lyrics across the back of the CD wallet in way that reaffirms the importance of arch intelligent lyrics in music as opposed to the "lets just slap anything on the verses because once it get's a sync for an advert they'll only use an instrumental anyway" mentality of a lot of new bands.

"Scumbag Philosopher" is about those total c*nts that trap you in a corner and spout bigoted rubbish ad infinitum. We've all been there - for us it was the 6th Form job stuck in the Sainsbury's canteen - and you always get it on the way home as the taxi driver traps you for 30 mins. For Gordon Brown is was that silly bigoted woman Gillian Duffy.

If you like this then there's a full album "It Means Nothing So It Means Nothing" features more of the above on songs such as "God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead", "I Like Sums" and "Heroes At Home". The latter is strangely surreal putting celebrities in normal situations, a critique on celebrity culture and obsession with them.

The single "Scumbag Philosopher" is released on 3rd March, followed by "God Is Dead So I Listen To Radiohead" on 9th May and the album on 23rd May (in the Uk)

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