BUZZIN' 21: Vinyl Jacket

Not many unsigned or DIY bands can claim to have been played on primetime Radio 1 for the Chris Moyles show.

Of course Manchester does these sort of things first as we know from Doug Walker a few years back who not only got played once but about 8 or 9 times in one morning and landed with a major label deal in the process.

Vinyl Jacket were recently selected via the BBC Introducing portal to get airplay from Chris Moyles as part of their new music takeover recently and it's not hard to see why they were the frontrunners to be selected. Hailing from just outside Newcastle in small town called Wylam, Vinyl Jacket sound like what you'd get if Little Comets were spliced together with Everything Everything or Wild Beasts - a pop nous, but with the sort of multi-tracked and layered harmonies all over the place. It makes for an interesting sound that's developed yet can works on the surface level of just being bloody good guitar music.

"Painting Stations" is the bands debut single released on the new label, The Calico Print, and kind of does an indie video version of 5ives "Let's Dance" where they take the piss out of video producers - watch here....

The single itself is pure pop, but B-side "His Delicate Brain" hints at something proggy laying beneath the pop sheen which could prove interesting for a full on album

The band are arranging a tour for April following a much talked about In The City show with BBC Introducing at the end of last year

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