BUZZIN' 22: Rev78

Just as Britpop brought us its oikish lad bands ala Oasis, fast-forward to 2011 and with Gritpop and the return of the guitar band we have the likes of Brother.

Rev 78 are kind of the anti-thesis to all that and bring back memories of Gene / Marion / Ballroom and some of the long forgotten foppish bands of the Britpop generation. It's a welcome return though as there's little in the way of intelligent but traditional guitar music around at the moment and "Boy In The Blitz" could just be the album for those bed-sit dwellers that dream of the glamour of the rock & roll.

At 10 tracks it's concise and straight to the point leaving no room for any filler. A Dark heart beating under an epic ambition it brings to mind at times The Departure or more recently the likes of Domino State, only more straight forward. From the head rush of "Killing Me" to the lush balladry of "Old Fashioned" and back again to "Could Have Been a Dancer" this is a band who have more than one gear and more importantly do both as well as each other. These are songs that had to be written and work as a classic album rather than just a collection of disparate songs that don't fit together.

Rev 78 are playing all the right places and nights in London such as The Enterprise and Feeling Gloomy and it can only be a matter of a time before the rest of the nation catches on. Impressive stuff

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