BUZZIN' 23: Big Sleep

Since we did our Best New Bands for 2011 selections at the end of the December, it's become apparent that one band keeps cropping up more than most on the google searches - that band are Big Sleep.

Big Sleep are a band who we've been following for sometime here at Designer Magazine and surprisingly we actually saw the band live under this name for the first time last night supporting Little Comets. Of course we had them on back in the Drive Like I Do days, but that seems literally years ago now and a lots changed both sound wise and in terms of their profile.

Taking the minimalist approach to promotion - they don't seem to have a facebook page and Matty Sleep's twitter is updated about once every 3 months - it would seem that if you want to watch or listen to Big Sleep the only way is go and watch them live or find one of the few fan uploads on youtube.

The fanbase has changed massively now under the new name. No doubt picking up a legion of girl fans on the One Night Only tour, out are the emo scenesters of old, in are girls chattering away behind us about how fit the singer is and taking constant photos on their blackberries. It's probably the perfect combination for any girl - fit guys singing about Chocolate and Sex.

The aforementioned Sex and Chocolate are the bands 2 most obvious pop moments, whereas "Robbers" and "Ghosts" sound like a British Kings Of Leon (the post-Sex On Fire period) meets U2 stadium pop. The one idiosyncratic moment of the current set comes with Anti-Christ which is the sole dark moment of the set - all minor key synths and minimalistic guitars.

Big Sleep are the big sleeping giant's in Manchester at the moment. Join the cult now

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