BUZZIN' 24: Supajamma

It's interesting that when you look back, so much is rewritten and very little of what actually went on gets written down in the history books.

Looking at how we present ourselves to the world you'd be forgiven for thinking that very little happened in Manchester except the Hacienda and Madchester. Even Peter Hook's managed to bag himself and the Hacienda a starring role in a film about the Manchester Bomb, which takes the piss (you probably don't know this if you’re not from Manchester but the bomb went off at completely the opposite side of Manchester)

Audioweb were one of those Manchester bands that are far too often overlooked when it comes back to classic Manchester bands of the 90s. Although most of older readers will probably know of them for the cover of "Bankrobber", a song which surely must have been the most played song on TFI Friday after Ocean Colour Scene, we remember them for a classic Anti Racism gig with Kaleef and Cleopatra representing Manchester alongside Ice T and Bodycount at Heaton Park.

We mention all this because Supajamma are the new band from Audioweb singer Martin Merchant. We say new, we had them on our Designer Magazine gigs back in December 2009 at the Roadhouse alongside Denise Johnson Honestly Express Yourself, so they're well versed in Manchester gigs. Along with Merchant the band are Simon Collier (Dog Toffee / GOldblade), Steve Wilson (Wilson), Dan Adams and Bevs. Musically it's pretty much where Audioweb left off with a bit more of a rockier edge to proceedings.

Single "MadAboutIt" features Merchant toasting over heavy riffs and while Skindred are obvious comparisons it actually reminds us a little of Brummie rap combo Credit To The Nation and their classic debut album "Take Dis". The rest of the mini-album "That Was Then, This Is Now" floats from the harder acts tracks like this and "Border" to the more soulful moments such as "Look What You Done" and "It's Alright"

Supajamma's next Manchester gig is at The Witchwood supporting Senser in March

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