BUZZIN' 25: The Electric Flowers

Designer Magazine isn't afraid to say we love a massive pop tune. We've never been one of those music zines that wince at the hint of a melody or cry ourselves to sleep if a record sells more than 2 copies.

But one thing always get to us. For all the great UK pop bands of the 80s such as The Pet Shop Boys, Aha, Human League, Culture Club - apart from the Romo moment and other bands such as Baxendale in the mid 90s, few never bands really capture that essential retro pop essence. Look over to our European neighbours and you'll see talent such as Donkeyboy, Bobby and Lorraine in recent years all of whom create something new from those classic records.

The Electric Flowers are the first band in years we've heard that really write great retrotastic pop records. Coming from Watford, a grey nowhere town and fittingly the location that Eastenders use for their location shots, the band set to make tunes out of sheer escapism. The idea that you have nothing glamorous in your life so you invent this world full of glamour, kind of the opposite of what posh indie bands do when they dress down to appear working class.

"Leave A Light On", "Calling You Home" and "Haunted Town" are Aha at their best. Vocals pure Morten Harket and they no doubt own a keytar somewhere under the suits and the make up. Behind the scene's they've had a bizarre series of events that has seen them receive acclaim from the Pet Shop Boys, produced by Ace from Skunk Anansie and feature on a fan vid for youth drama Skins - how this all fits together we're not quite sure, but its resulted in some rammed out shows in London

In a perfect world The Electric Flowers would be number 1 for 15 weeks, but until then we'll have to be happy with the fact they're doing the UK popscene proud

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