BUZZIN' 27: Strangers

A Stranger is just a friend you've not met yet... and you get the feeling Strangers could become your new best friend very very soon.

Yet to gig, the project is surrounded in secrecy as to who's behind it - we know who but can't reveal who apart from that they had a few Top 40 hits back in the day. Safe to say it's not any of the numerous metalcore acts called the same name if you look for them on

Of the 3 tracks we've heard it fits into the dark noir pop of Hurts as if fronted by Bowie. The most obvious pop moment is "If I Found Love" takes in everything from Robyn to Human League and it could be a massive crossover hit with the right backing. Lets just say if the band don't get picked up, it will be one of those Donkeyboy style tales of Simon Cowell's A&R taking the song for his latest project in the hope that nobody realises it's a cover.

The other 2 songs "In Chaos" and "All That I Wanted" are darker, but the best songs Hurts never wrote. Don't get us wrong, it's not identical, but the same influences are all there. Minor key symphonies madeto soundtrack a David Lynch movie or a lost episode of Cracker.

There are 9 tracks recorded for the album so far so expect to hear more soon...

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