BUZZIN' 30: Athletes In Paris

Coinciding perfectly with the nation’s apparent re-emergence from seasonal hibernation, Newcastle’s Athletes in Paris have managed to record and release 3 minutes and 17 seconds of pure sunshine. Their debut single Borrowed Time is the perfect antidote to any residual winter blues, and can be found situated in a remote corner of the internet (, emitting a pleasant glow and magnetically attracting a legion of local fans. Thanks, in no small part, to their penchant for crashing comedy gigs and playing impromptu acoustic sets.

With the infinite capacity to provoke nodding of the head, clapping of the hands and other such frivolity, Borrowed Time is an irresistibly vivacious, catchy ditty with more hook than a pirate convention.

Quite fittingly, their sound (the term is used loosely – this is the only proper song featured on the bands various dwellings in the abyss of the internet) combines the boundless energy and agility of a gymnastic athlete, with the suave effortlessness and romance of a sophisticated Parisian. Much like their North Eastern contemporaries Little Comets, Borrowed Time balances acoustic charm with up-beat exotic pop, topped it all off with lyrics so undeniably cheerful it takes a while to believe they’re about a doomed relationship.

Could Athletes in Paris be the sound of indie summer? Because judging by the sound of this, Athletes in Paris are making sure the winter woes are on borrowed time.

Words: Lucy Holt

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