BUZZIN' 32: Make Out

We recall the first time we saw Junior Senior live.... it was the day after "Move Your Feet" had done Top 10 and there were only a handful of people at Manchester Roadhouse. Very much a cult concern whohappened to have an enormo pop hit that seemed to soundtrack every naff reality show for years after.

This is relevant why? Well unless you're into every release that Kitsune has done you'll have heard little of either Junior or Senior since the band went their separate ways and Make Out is the first major band since.

Based now in New York instead of Denmark, Jesper (Junior) managed to find a shared spirit in Leah Hennessey who is Make Out's frontwoman. Aiming to be completely different to what's around - basically think as far away from The National as you can get - the band take the influence of Hennessey's stepfather's band (New York Dolls" and fuse it with a dirty pop sensibility.

"True Love Is Just Hard To Find" is the band at their most poppiest - part Cindi Lauper, part screaming anthem - while the rest of the material (I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me / What You Doing Tonight?) musically is not dissimilar to Hole or The Vines without the head f*ck. At times like an American Kenickie. Each of the songs check in at bout 2.30 never outstaying their welcome

Make Out are the fun band you need right now so go make out with the internet

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