BUZZIN' 4 - Brothers

No no no - not them...........

Just about a week after we tipped Slough Gritpop band Brother for success, we got an email about another band of Brothers from Norwich (who in that boys who like girls who like boys to be girls kind of way are actually a band of Sisters doing it for themselves) who don't want to turn back the times to 1996

A supergroup made up of members of Norwich bands The Brownies and The Fevers they do things different

A) There's no drummer in the traditional sense, but there's 2 in the non-traditional sense. Flanking the stage the 2 drummers bash away with wild abandon

B) There is no frontwoman as such. They all sing and they all stand at the front. No one member is more important than the other

C) The average song length clocks in at around 2 minutes

In a short time together - demo recorded in Sept and just 2 gigs - they've supported some of their favourite bands Divorce, Comanechi and Bearsuit and can count as Joy Formidable amongst their fans.

With random screached lyrics such as "Stick with me, Sick with me" (Vom) and "You've got a knife and i've got an animal" (Christening), Brother are unlikely to be aligning themselves with the more angstier elements of the Riot Grrl scene, but musically they sound not dissimilar to Manchester's femme-punkers Valerie (and to a lesser extent Hooker) if they'd nicked Adam Ants record collection.

For tunes and more info

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