BUZZIN' 6: Rae Morris

The lights, kiss me quick hats and the infamous scene's of Alan Bradley dieing under the wheels of a Blackpool tram - that's what most of us think of when we think of the distinctly Northern resort.

When it comes to music and bands coming from the town there's probably less to talk about. Punk commentator John Robb hails from there and more recently Karima Francis made waves, but little else.

Rae Morris could change things for the seaside town and whereas Francis was pure marmite - those that loved her loved her passionately and others thought it was the sound of nails down a blackboard - Morris has a more mainstream commercial appeal. Her forays to Manchester have been few and far between, until now its been local gigs both Preston and Blackpool picking up plaudits in Ark Magazine, but 2011 looks set to be busy with 3 gigs in Mancunia over the next 4 weeks.

Previous comparisons have been with Alanis Morrisette, but we're hearing touches of Norah Jones and Katie Melua before she's started singing about 5 Million Bicycles or whatever nonsense it was she was going on about. Aged just 17, Morris has years ahead to perfect her craft, but its not difficult to imagine her having a platinum album on her hands by the time she's 20 if the songs "Oldest Of New" and "Did I Ever" are anything to go by.

Whatever you do get down to these intimate gigs this month while you still can. Big things await

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