BUZZIN' 7: Alec Splatt

Just as 2011 looks set to go into Britpop overload we discover an electro artist that's been around on the circuit for the best part of 2 years, but sounds total contemporary.

Alec Splatt is the name. Electro pop genius that won the Noise competition a couple of years back after being selected by the hatted tramp Badly Drawn Boy. Before that it was the infamous Beats Of Rage nights in Preston playing sets in-between drum and bass and electro DJs, if you're from Manchester think the eclectic mix that the Monster Monster nights used to throw down at Joshua Brooks.

At the moment Splatt is trying to find a synth player to build a full band for the live shows, but you hope that the more beats led elements of the songs are lost in the live show. We've heard both versionsof the songs and we're definitely in the electro camp so far, at times the live band versions veer close to the quirky pop which Manchester's own Whiskycats and Gideon Conn do so well but in doing so they lose the originality of the laptop / electro versions.

Influences are abundant across the 6 tracks available online, yet all of its sounds as if Xenomania had made the 1st Girls Aloud album on a Gameboy and Cheryl Cole was a bloke. Low budget high tuneage thrills as Splatt takes on 20s charleston meets d'n'b (All Through My Head), Mika / Sam Sparro-esque camp poppery (Knock On My Door), lo-fi glam rock meets chip tunes (Dance-Time Continuum), laid back reggae (Best Served Cold).

Love pop music. Love Alec Splatt

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