BUZZIN' 8: Clockwork Era

Mark E Smith's influence over modern music can't be underestimated. Not just Peely's favourite band, but a whole new generation of kids who like the raw ramshackle post-punk sounds that offers them so much more than corporate indie landfill.

Clockwork Era are zero gigs old at the time we go to press, their first ever gig is 11th Jan at Dublin Castle with Club Fandango, and there's something raw yet vital about these early recordings. None more so than on "Broken Britain" which perfectly sums up the disillusionment of youth with lines spat out of "Our culture is destroyed as we know it" over what literally sounds like the guitars and drums being pummelled into an inch of their life. Just a duo there's a primal instinct to make as much noise as possible out of what's available and nothing is wasted, nothing is overused, there's a simplicity and minimalism throughout - an anti muso ideology that goes against the grain of music college bores who can play in 20 time signatures, but have no trace of originality or sense of self.

Ghosts by ClockworkEra

Lyrically they seem pre-occupied with the idea of things coming to an end across the other 4 tracks online - Ghosts, Berlin, Falling, Shadows - and the claustrophobic nature of the music is compelling. Its not so much joyous as a cathartic exorcism of the system.

Its very very early days for Clockwork Era at the moment and it will be interesting to see where they go from here as they gig around South London until the summer honing their sound down.

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