BUZZIN'9: Lou Hickey

It's hard to imagine a time before pop was just an autotuned 3 minutes repeated Groundhog day style for the whole of the top 40.

Almost as if an anomaly has opened to pops glorious past, Lou Hickey strides through with a timely reminder of classic 60s girl group pop. This isn't just another attempt at Rumer / Duffy / Winehouse, but more an authentic tribute ala Lucky Soul (or the Pipettes if they weren't just 3 girls picked up in a cocktail bar and could actually sing). We first heard of Hickley through her last project, The Codeine Velvet Club, where she managed to turn a Fratelli away from oikish indie anthems and onto Spector-ish pop vibes. Her solo work is less polished and more organic and the better for it.

Touted new single "Minutes, hours, days" is the classic tale of girl sat at home yearning for a boy thats long since gone. The simplistic almost nursery rhyme lyrics perfectly sit on a bed of piano, brass and handclaps - the sort of song you'd imagine Sandi Shaw or Cilla singing back in the day. "Zombie Love" is one of the live favourites at the moment and mentions quaint notions of the high school dance and not rushing in love.

Listening to Lou Hickey is like taking a step back to more innocent times and manages to splash jaunty brass over it without us ever saying f*ck off Ronson.

01 Minutes hours days by Lou Hickey

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