Back To The Bus - The Paddingtons - What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour

From the originators of "Under The Influence" and "Back To Mine" the first in a series of compilations from bands and performers who have been influenced and inspired by the featured tracks. If the Paddingtons made a mix tape for their tour bus escapades it would be the fifteen songs included here.

There's the usual suspects like Iggy and The Stooges and The Libertines and bands you wouldn't normally associate with the  Paddingtons such as fellow Hull hombres The Housemartins and American curios The Modern Lovers. Their track "Roadrunner" recalls the DIY, no frills approach The Paddingtons cling on to tightly. The Modern Lovers have that bolshy but basic three chord sound with traces of Iggy Pop in the vocals. Part garage rock and psychedelic euphoria with a great touch of swirly keyboards.

Anyone who has ever seen or heard The Paddington's will sense a chaotic charm and chance mentality about them which is just what we get with "Skin Deep" by 5 O'Clock Heroes which has a distinctive, unmistakable vocal. This punk flavoured song has rawness to it which can't be faked.

The Holy Orders are a band i'd never heard of before so fair play to the Paddingtons for turning me on to them. Beginning with a hi-tech synth with an identity problem from the singer who performs either in a raspy, shouty manner or in a theatrical, high pitched histrionic way not unlike pie eating, panto rocker Justin Hawkins.

Being shameless self promoters The Paddingtons reveal a promo edit of an exclusive track, not released anywhere else from their much anticipated new album "Kill A Fashion Killer" is a provocative title and although we only hear one minute, twenty six seconds of this punky decadent ditty it's enough to remain very interested in this ever improving band.

Even if you don't much care for the Paddingtons this collection of songs still excites, invigorates and enriches the listener with tasty morsels from bands like The Buzzcocks to the Mouldy Peaches. Next in the series are Babyshambles due in September

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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