Bad Religion - The Process Of Belief

I'm not one to gush, so please indulge me. I love this album. It has everything I expected and more. Bad Religion's main songwriters, singer Greg Graffin and guitarist Brett Gurewitz are back working together after years apart and its the punk equivalent of Lennon and McCartney. The lyrics are intelligent, witty, meaningful and heartfelt. There's no pretension or pseudo philosophical new age mysticism. Just honesty and feeling delivered in a raucous yet melodic LA Punk style.

Stand out tracks come fast and furious. Listen out for the excellent "Broken" and very catchy "Destined For Nothing". Best guitar solo of the album is undoubtedly heard on "Kyoto Now". The chorus on "Epiphany" sounds like Big Country and is a real knockout. Like a lot of punk albums the production is suitably unfussy which benefits the songs amazingly. It has a live quality and thankfully this makes you yearn to watch the guys at a venue near you when they tour the UK in May.

No doubt you may think i'm coming over in a way that can only be described as over enthusiastic, but you don't often hear albums that evoke such positive emotions and feelings of euphoric delight that Bad Religion's "The Process Of Belief" brought me. Hopefully this album will bring the band a whole new legion of fans to a new generation whose only knowledge of American Punk is The Offspring or Green Day.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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