Badly Drawn Boy - Manchester Prohibition Club -7.12./4

"This song changed my life. Agaddo"

Damon is in a relaxed mood tonight, fitting in with the luxuriant surroundings of the dimly lit, Prohibition club that are holding an event to mark the trial period of  Virgin Radio broadcasting from Manchester. But none of that matters to the crowd here tonight, but the free bar is appreciated.

Gently teasing the welcoming, invite only, audience tonight, Damon threatens (?) to open with an Englebert Humperdink number.

Instead he carefully displays a well tuned selection from his now ever increasing back catalogue, that captivates those present. The voice is comfortable, not strained, typifying the occasion.

When he devotes one number to his wife Clare, present in the crowd, sighs are audible.  Well, It is the time of goodwill and the intimacy of the venue reminds Damon of times when he was initially embarking upon his career.  In truth, small places reminiscent of someone's parlour seem to be locales that draw the best out of Damon & his support (flautist & ever so subtle
keyboards), places where he can look you in the eye, or share a drink.

When he's finished, so did the majority of the crowd, even though there was still £500 left for the bar.   They left with smiles on their faces

And that song that so changed his life at the age of 14?  "Thunder Road", Bruce Springsteen.  Long live the Boss

Words & Photos: Ged Camera

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