Barbara Nice

Barbara Nice is the comic creation of Janice Connolly who most of you will know as Holy Mary in the top rated comedy show Phoenix Nights. Barbara has all the classic traits of a slightly younger Mrs Merton and started stand up to help her out of a little debt she got into with Grattons Catalogues. As she prepares to perform at her biggest headlining show to date at Manchester's Lowry Theatre on Saturday November 16th. We caught up with Barbara Nice to find out all those burning questions of the day.

Barbara Nice on herself
From Stockport. Mother of Five. Keen Take A Break Reader. Like all mothers she's done all sorts of jobs and started doing stand up to get herself out of a little debt she got into with Grattons

Barbara's Perfect Day Out
Maybe get the train down to Bolton for the market. Have a walk round the market. Go for a dinner somewhere with her friend Valerie and have a good talk. And my house would be lovely and tidy with no washing up to be done - come back home, lovely!!! Watch a bit of telly and then go to the bingo. Or maybe going to the local social club and seeing a few live acts. That would be Barbara's perfect day.

Barbara On The Catalogues / Charity Shops
Just paying them off and still on the run. I'm very keen on charity shops although the prices do seem to have gone up. £3.99 / £4.99 - that type of thing for Cancer Research. I don't know where they get the prices from?

Barbara on her Comedy Shows
It's to pay the catalogues off and of course it's nice getting out of the house. And it seems to be taking off because people like it. You'd go mad if you stayed in all the time, wouldn't you love. You'd blow off as they say if you stayed in all the time.

Barbara's Perfect Dinner
A lovely chip dinner. Pudding and chips, bread & butter and a cup of tea

Barbara's Favourite TV Program
Casualty, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, A Touch Of Frost.

Barbara's Favourite Actor
Clint East, love. It was my first crush

Barbara's Favourite Pop Star
I love music, listen to all sorts. I don't mind Eminem. I know it sounds mad kid, but he seems like a showman to me. I don't really believe he hates his mum. I think he does like his mum really, he's just putting it on!!!

I've gone off Robbie Williams now, love. He thinks he's Frank Sinatra and he's not!!! I like it when they do their own songs. I'm very glad that John Ottoway's got a Number 1. He's got that through the internet. I love the internet, it gives people a voice.

Barbara on her new Website
Recipes. Tips. Bargains. Photo's. Problem Pages. It will be interactive, love!!!

Barbara on The Lowry
With Christmas coming it's a nice thing to do. Come to the Lowry and do some shopping in the Designer Outlet. See me. I'm might be showing a bit of the shopping i've bought and getting people's opinions.

Barbara Nice's Comedy Playground with a special guest from Phoenix Nights

Manchester Lowry Theatre
Saturday 16th November @ 8pm prompt
Ticket Price £10

The Lowry Box Office: 0161 876 2000

For More Info