Federal Drugs Administration launch attack on Beyonce for wearing Fur

First it was PETA who started the war against Beyonce for wearing fur and Pink recently spoke to the News Of The World and said ""(Beyonce) is a b**ch! "I only hope she gets bit on the a**e by whatever animal she wears. "Some of the practices are so cruel and as a celebrity you have a responsibility to think about the message you're sending out by wearing fur. "People will think it's ok or cool, but it's not."

Now spreading quickly around the web is the Beyonce Bitch song by Federal Drugs Administration, a mysterious 3 piece from Hulme in Manchester who's previous targets have included London, Jesus and Asbobots getting f**ked on WD40.

Despite only going online yesterday (11th May) the track that pastiche's Beyonce's duet with Shakira has received hundreds of plays already and has won them over fans from America and the UK. In the tongue in cheek words of FDA

"Do be warned though, there is swearing involved (f*cking surprise there) and we do manage to rhyme "impinge with "minge" which must be a first in pop history, unless you count the time S-Club Juniors did it that time when they first discovered crack"

Listen to the track here

Words: Alex McCann

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