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If you didn't know any better with their obsession over the bright lights of the fairground and The Sound Of Music anyone would think that Big Brovaz have been watching too many episodes of Will and Grace and were Friends of Dorothy. But instead they are the respectable faces of the UK Urban Scene and while So Solid get gigs cancelled for fear of gangland shootings at their most dangerous Big Brovaz are likely to have a pair of darts in their hand in hope of winning a big fluffy Teddy Bear by nailing the Aces. Designer Magazine caught up with Randy and Cherise to talk about their Favourite Things.

Q: "Favourite Things" following in the grand tradition of hip hop musical soundclashes. What is it with ghetto superstars and musicals?
Randy: It's off The Sound Of Music. In hip hoppers just like to experiment with different things like in Jay Z's "Hard Knock Life" because hip hop music in general just keeps moving and evolving and bringing in different cultures with it. It was just another side of the hip hop culture that they decided to venture into with musicals and soundtracks, like Busta Rhymes and the Knightrider soundtrack.

Q: Circus and Fairgrounds - if we were to believe the videos everybody must be thinking these guys spend their whole life's there?
Randy: It's just to put on a show and get theatrical instead of doing the run of the mill video. Our theory on this is we don't want to do a run of the mill video so if anybody comes up with an idea that is out there we'd rather go with that than with the guy that say's you guys will be at the bar drinking. Nowadays it's just American video's with English people trying to act the roles so we don't see the need to a video like that because not only does it not go with the music were making, but everybody else is doing it.

Cherise: We used the same director as in "Nu Flow" because his stuff doesn't always look the same. You can almost spot the director instantly when you see videos on the tele nowadays. Vaughan always comes up with something new, fresh, exciting, funky - he's just totally different.

Q: It is this truly international vision which brings in British, American, Jamaican and a whole host of different cultures together which makes the Big Brovaz sound.
Randy: Were all from different parts of the world and I think we all bring that to the table. Were all very open minded musically and that's another reason why we can all work together so easily. You won't find anyone saying I only do rap music and I don't want to hear no soul. We incorporate every single persons opinion into our music so like Cherise will bring a Mariah Carey feel to it and Nadia will bring a ragga Lauryn Hill feel to it.

Q: We've had a taster of the Big Brovaz experience in the video's. What can we expect when you hit the road?
Randy: We don't think were big enough or popular enough to hold Arena tours yet so were just going to wait until the time is right and then were going to launch our tour. A lot of acts tend to rush into live shows because they think their time is going to be short-lived so they can capitalize on their fame. When we do our shows it's going to be like the video's in yer face and your going to remember it forever!!!

"Favourite Things" is out now
Big Brovaz play the Pepsi Silver Clef Concert on May 14th
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Manchester Evening News Arena

Apart from Gareth Gates teaming up with the Kumars for the Comic Relief record "Spirit In The Sky", 2003 has been a year seemingly bereft of great pop events. Fear not because on May 14th at the Manchester MEN Arena the pop event of the year takes place and at the same time as enjoying a great line-up of British Pop you're also doing your bit for Charity at the same time. Nordoff-Robbins uses music therapy to treat children and adults with a wide range of conditions which include both physical and mental disabilities, learning difficulties, emotional and behavioural problems, autistic spectrum disorders, neurological damage and terminal illness.

Blue, Atomic Kitten, Mis-teeq, Liberty X, Craig David, Girls Aloud, Big Brovaz and Busted are all confirmed to appear with more names and special guests to be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets for the Manchester Evening News Arena show are on sale now and are available from the MEN at £27.50 with strictly limited premium seats available at £45. Ticket details/ Hotlines: 0870 190 8000 / 0871 220 0260 (24hr) 0161 832 1111 (daytime) or buy online from  (all subject to booking fee)