Big Sur - Manchester Roadhouse - 18.6.01

Us music journalists eh!!!! We create this whole Nu-acoustic scene because there's nothing much happening in guitar music and what happens - a load of chancer pick up a Coldplay guitar book and think they have the future of rock & roll in their hands. Typical. The thing was we all had good intentions and I can testify to that as someone who brought you the first Starsailor interview ever.... But then major label record companies got into and thought of the cash in the bank and put the final nail in the coffin. Nu-acoustica is officially dead.

Its not that Big Sur are bad. Its just that with the Starsailor album in the can and I am Kloot writing some truly classic songs there really isn't a need for them. The best thing they could do is release the classic in the making "75" and then disappear quietly. That along with the new single "Desert Song" are sadly the only shining lights in what can only be described as Coldplay b-sides. Perhaps its a classic case of a major label plucking an unsigned band too early and unleashing them on the public before they've had to chance to develop. Like many of the acoustic acts around the age-old of problems of sweaters and sensible shoes still get in the way. A small problem you may say but these unlikely chancers look as if they've took a night off from the Late Review to play us their Crowded House collection. "Zipolite" is perhaps even worse with its Toploader style M.O.R rock and like most is about the worst possible reference you could draw from.

Maybe one day these guys will record a classic but with major label pressure on them to deliver hits or be dropped you get the feeling it will be light & breezy acoustic pop for the moment. From a band who used to write 10 minute experimental songs and were formed as an immediate knee-jerk reaction to the Seattle scene in the early 90s its strange they end up here. Bass player Ben certainly isn't putting all his eggs in one basket as the recent support slot with Echobelly for is other band Kid goes to prove. Its always a good sign when the band have total confidence in themselves isn't it.

Alex McCann