Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl

Popping this into the CD player, expecting to hear more of the same fearsome rock that came with BRMCís astounding debut, its fair to say I was stunned to hear acoustic tones to rival The Coral filling the room. Stunned, that is, not let down. Surprising though the transition is, this is easily BRMCís best work to date. Itís not easy for rockers to show their mellow side without grimacing, bearing their chest or making passing references to cohabiting in small spaces, but BRMC pull this off with none of the above, instead showing an acoustic flair to rival any acoustic band, and it works. Amazingly, the album is easy-listening, heartfelt, fiery and well-written, and we just couldnít give it a bigger thumbs up. The whole product is amazing- the dated, seventies-styled outer case on the CD gives it an air of class, the production is amazing, and the songs? Unreal. Itís always hard to pick standout tracks when faced with an album of such sheer indulgence, but the title track is excellent, opener Shuffle Your Feet has a certain succinct grace that few rock bands could muster, and Restless Sinner is another Gem. All are good though- I can only recommend you buy it- now!

Matt Barnes

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