Blackbud - 53 Degrees Preston - 18.10.06

Last year at Preston's The Mill (which has since shut down but the great memories i've experienced at the venue live on) Blackbud played to a disinterested crowd, more concerned with the club night afterwards than the band playing before them. Blackbud carried on regardless and I admired their Dunkirk spirit. Since then the West Country trio who have released two
astounding EPs (criminally ignored) and toured with many established bands such as Babyshambles and The Kaiser Chiefs. Eclipsing such achievements with the release of their debut album "From The Sky" produced by Dave Botrill who's worked with Muse.

Blackbud play a range of blues, old school R&B and classic rock. As versatile on the guitar the passionate frontman is and he's a real natural, you can see it clearly in his face as his lays down some mean licks, the vocal is weak and lifeless and when he really starts to emote it's too much in the style of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke. The rhythm section are impossible to fault and engage in three part harmonies with the singer. They play to each other a lot of the time in furious jamming sessions, sometimes
in a manner reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, yet the more mellow moments are equally as good to watch.

"Market Streets" is a great example of the Blackbud sound, soulful with a blues flavour and a rock edge. The bass player objects to the band being ignored with a lot of people stood around aimlessly chattering at the back with only the front row taking notice. "We're not that bad are we?" the bassist asks pleadingly. No they aren't but a little bit more communication
with the crowd could only help matters. Finishing off with "Heartbeak", Blackbud retreat to their dressing room. Although an acquired taste for some, Blackbud are well worth your perseverance.

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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