Blindside - Silence

Blindside are a sweidsh rock band and thankfully are nothing like fellow Swedes, 80s poodle haired rockers Europe, or indeed the Hives. The four piece who formed way back in 1994 have already two indie releases under their belts with "Silence" being the first release on P.O.D's new label that is distributed through Electra Records. They've spent the last eight years on the live circuit playing Europe and The USA and like many other international bands they come fully formed with a very Americanised sound reminscent of Papa Roach's angst ridden lyrics and nu-metal production.

"Sleepwalking" shows off the band at their best with Christians's soaring vocals and the wall of sound of Simon's crunching guitar riffs. "You Can Hide It" is part ballad, part heavy rock anthem and an emotionally wrought and stirring song with positive life affirming lyrics. The gloomy vocal on "Painting" leads into a brooding bass line courtes of Tomas and is such an immediately strong track that it begs to be released as a single in the near future.

Like P.O.D, Blindside happen to be christians who play rock musc but that doesn't mean it's an album filed with bible bashing rhetoric. Far from it. Granted there are references on the album to the messiah and there are lyrics referring to spiritual leanings, but "Silence" should be viewed as a great rock album. With the genius of working on so many different levels musically, spiritually, lyrically and beautifully reaching out to the listener with its touching honesty. It's not true what they say. The devil doesn't have all the best tunes - Blindside have!!!

Nicholas Paul Godkin

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