In the summer of 2003 whispers came over from Sweden of this great pop act under the name of Bobby that provided everything lacking in contemporary British pop music. Bobby are one of those bands which spend as much time on their make-up and perfecting air-synth moves as they do actually writing the tunes and unlike those bastions of British pop Westlife and Blue they certainly ain't no stool dwellers with zero personality. Designer Magazine caught up Torben, Julle & Lars aka Bobby - the noughties answer to Duran Duran.

Q: The name Bobby suggests a real mans man. Why not choose something more glamorous and befitting the music?
A: Good idea! Still, Bobby sounds pretty glamorous here in cold and gloomy Sweden, not thinking about police officers or a "real mans man" but rather on Bobby Ewing from the Dallas glamour soap with that lovely Mercedes-Benz and his beautiful Pam. Not to mention his hairdo. Mighty. Hmm, wonder if Dallas was that huge in England as it  was in Sweden, maybe we just bombed ourselves with our name. Pity, if so. Would Benny do?

Q: "Romantic & Bleeding" - one of the great lost pop albums of 2003. Sell it to our readers.
A: It'll make you happy, it's the perfect album to start your night out. It has everything a classic should have; wonderful songs, intriguing lyrics, cathy choruses, love, sex, tears, happiness, betrayal, desire, great production, lovely vocals and nice pictures. It'll make you sing and dance the night away. That's a promise. It's also perfect to play air-synth to (as opposed to air-guitar).

Q: Bowie, Pet Shop Boys, Roxy Music, Human League - were these the bands that inspired you along the way?
A: It wasn't Nirvana or Radiohead, that's for sure.

Q: Were you sick of the bland rock & roll uniforms of jeans & T-shirts and equally uninspired by what contemporary pop acts wore? Did you spend as much time deciding how you would look as how the music sounded?
A: Yep. We couldn't relate to the ”T-shirt & jeans, staring at your shoes”-movement. In fact, we hated the 90´s altogether. Remembering the big city glamour of Duran and the likes made us feel both nostalgic and empty. But we never really wanted to recreate that feeling, rather just refine it for the new century.
Our look comes as natural to us as does our music.

Q: What's the scene back home like for a band like Bobby? Do you find yourselves playing with pop acts or do you try and fit in best you can with the rock scene? Where do you feel Bobby fit into things if at all?
A: We are hugely misunderstood, as are all great artists, but we don't compromise to fit in. We've been playing with both pop and rock acts and so far we're most at home headlining in club-gigs. (At places were people order a Cosmopolitan rather than a beer.) The situation in Sweden for a band with make up, synthesizers and a optimistic view of life is that they will never be taken seriously, that's final. If you don't play the guitar, whine, dress down and sing out of key you could never be ”real”. It's pathetic and we choose not to pay too much attention to that and put our energy into the music instead. They
could all go stuff themselves anyhow.

Q: Wearing make up does help with pulling the ladies. Would you recommend it?
A: Always.

Q: From the reactions we've heard of Bobby in Sweden you attract a fare share of male attention. Have you ever had a homosexual experience and did you go back for seconds?
A: Not yet.

Q: We need a band like Bobby over here in the UK. When are you going to come and rescue us from Pop Idol and it's ilk?
A: We know we're needed and we'll come to rescue as soon as anyone ask us. It's in England we belong.

Torben, Julle & Lars - Bobby

"Romantic And Bleeding" is out now on Imperial Recordings
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