Boy Hits Car - Manchester Hop & Grape - 7.6.01

Moving from the outside to the mainstream Rock Music has literally become nothing more than a leisure option. Something to file next to and 18-30s holiday or the latest Sega-Nintendo-Nu-media games console. Supermarkets have S Club 7 next to Slipknot and Linkin Park next to N'Sync. So taking that theory to its logical conclusion if Slipknot are the expensive branded washing powder then Boy Hits Car are the No Frills version. No "Buy this and get a DJ half price" Nu-Metal stylee. Its just straight up rock music like it used to be.

It seems strange that after 8 years touring the States they play what is 2nd gig in Manchester in just as many months. After being dropped by an indie in the states and being promptly signed up by a major it seems that well be hearing a lot more from these guys. With the Carling Weekend already penned in this is the year that BHC take over the UK. As soon as these guys hit the stage its clear that they're steeped in an almost traditional rock history. Not in the sense that its all black leather and long hear but in the sound or production sense of the word. More beefed up layered guitars Led Zep Style rather than the flimsy cheap sounding Nu-Metal production.

What's really shocking is the transformation between the bands off-stage characteristics and the live performance. Cregg, the type of shy awkward geek found in Wheatus songs (or if we were to be really cruel a bit like Roy of Coronation Street) is transformed into this possessed mad man on a big bad hair day. Its just goes to prove that anyone can be a star for 15 minutes really. Its nothing new and there are probably a dozen bands in your hometown doing the same thing week in week out for the love of it. But on the strength of the live show alone BHC really a re a band you should check out. No frills, No Gimmicks. Just straight up honest rock music and if you go with the premise then you won't be disappointed.

Alex McCann