Boy Sets Fire - The Day The Sun Went Out

By switching to a new label more befitting of their hardcore punk status, Boy Sets Fire not only seem to have an added ping to their angry strut, but have become all nostalgic with this re-release of their raw and pummelling 1997 full length offering. Nathan Gray’s snarling vocals make the battle call in opener ‘Pure’, both striking and believable. The searing and Mat Krupanski facilitated, crushing percussion fuelled; ‘Another Badge Of Courage’ aptly demonstrates how this feisty Newark, Delaware outfit became noticed. With lyrical pungency they hit out ferociously at nonchalance;

  “And I can’t reach for a reason to look in your eyes
    like it doesn’t matter at all.
    Falling down, crying out.”

The intensity in Gray’s vocals grabs you and draws you into their cause. Boy Sets Fire shows that even early on they were flag-bearers for the hardcore punk genre, with their brazen riffs and ability to tear right into the heart of any subject matter. This is borne out in the haunting, ripping and insurrection inspiring; ‘The Power Remains The Same’ and the caustic ‘Toy Gun Anthem’. The latter number takes on added bite and meaning this time around, being a slower lament against liberal firearms use.  This outfit remind us of their deep and meaningful roots, while at the same time, demonstrating that their bite is getting stronger.

David Adair

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