Buzzin' is Designer Magazine's New Band column featuring a new band every single day of the year.

Launched on New Years Day 2011, the column aims to take the website back to the ethos we first started with in 1999 and just cover great new bands regardless of where there came from.

"Over the past couple of years we've spent a lot of time building up the Designer Magazine name on the gig circuit with some classic showcases; new nights such as Fish, Chips and Rock & Roll; and our regular festivals such as Hungry Pigeon and In The City Fringe Festival. We've put on our favourite Manchester bands, but I think it's important that the younger generation that maybe only know us as gig promoters actually realise it was the music website that started it off for us nearly 11 years ago. It also gives us a chance to talk about some of the amazing bands from all over the country and internationally that we can't always bring to Manchester" Alex McCann, Designer Magazine

Primarily aimed to showcase releasing music indepently and on small independent labels Buzzin' really does give a chance for new bands to break through the major label machine and receive new coverage from the heart of Manchester. If you wish to be featured email an audio link and some information to

BUZZIN' 1: Our new daily column bring you the best new bands every single day of the year - 1st ever Buzzin' band are The Cads

BUZZIN' 2: Outer Circle from Manchester- they want to see you when you choke -

BUZZIN' 3: The Union Choir - a decuplet from South Shields with the most wondrous characters since Belle & Sebastian's Tigermilk -

 BUZZIN' 4: B R O T H E R S - no not Brother - this is femme punk and v v exciting -

BUZZIN' 5: City Reign - indie so indie Steve Lamacq & Huw Stephens are fighting for custody -

BUZZIN' 6: Rae Morris - Blackpool's singer songwriter who will be platnimum by the time she's 20 -

BUZZIN' 7: Alec Splatt - if Xenomania had made the 1st Girls Aloud album on a Gameboy and Cheryl Cole was a bloke -

BUZZIN' 8: Clockwork Era - claustrophobia and cathartic exorcism's and dark garage rock -

BUZZIN' 9: Lou Hickey - 60s Girl Group Pop that gives you the horn -

BUZZIN' 10: Jake Morley - singer songwriter with Many Fish To Fry -

BUZZIN' 11: The Beaus - bringing back the Clash / Specials sound to Northern England -

BUZZIN' 12: Jack Trainer - Manchester's next natural progression from the pop sound of Hurts and our own answer to Bright Light Bright Light -

BUZZIN' 13: Of The True Class - Spikey indie punk from Manchester -

BUZZIN' 14: Flight Brigade - A family affair for the 8 piece folk collective from Hampshire -

BUZZIN' 15: Artmagic - Suede guitarist Richard Oakes joins up with Britney Spears / Sugababes band member for new project -

BUZZIN' 16: Ulrik Munther - Think Taylor Hanson covering Jason Mraz for the Bieber generation -

BUZZIN' 17: Architect & Heiress - Political pop about Wikileaks and The Angry Brigade that you can dance to -

BUZZIN' 18: Holy Coves - Something for Anglesey to shout about instead of Prince William and endless Summer Holidays -

BUZZIN' 19: Scumbag Philosopher - the artists formerly known as F*ck Dress-

BUZZIN' 20: Freak Owls - John Lennon Songwriting Competition finalists on a Bon Iver / Deathcab for Cutie tip -

BUZZIN' 21: Vinyl Jacket - If Little Comets met Everything Everything -

BUZZIN' 22: Rev78 - The Boys in The Blitz -

BUZZIN' 23: Big Sleep - formerly Manchester's Drive Like I Do as seen on tour with One Night Only / Little Comets -

BUZZIN' 24: Supajamma - ragga / soul / rock from former Audioweb singer Martin Sugar Merchant -

BUZZIN' 25: The Electric Flowers - Retrotastic 80s pop from the UK -

BUZZIN' 26: The Collectable Few - Joining the renaissance of 80’s tinged electro power-pop that’s as much at home with the electro kids as it is the guitar fans

BUZZIN' 27: Strangers - Who are these secretive next big pop sensations? -

BUZZIN' 28: The Rivalry - Stoke's rising stars -

BUZZN' 29: Tiger Love - Under Control with Pussy Cocaine

BUZZIN' 30: Athlete In Paris - The Sound Of Indie Summer 2011


BUZZIN 31': Oh My - these girls are taking over our schools

BUZZIN' 32: Make Out - Junior Senior return (well Junior anyway)

BUZZIN' 33: Paradise Point - UK's Next Big Pop Band 80s Duran / Spandau style

BUZZIN' 34: Doctrines - a punk force to be reckoned with

BUZZIN' 35: ReConnected - Manchester's next big boyband

BUZZIN 36: Ford & Lopatin - Not quite Lennon & McCartney, but better than the 2 blokes in MGMT

BUZZIN 37: Snn Glitters - Dubstep meets shoegaze from Luxemburg

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